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What lifts your spirit? I want to share a story about what lifted mine?

When I was travelling back to Toronto on my usual route from Montreal one evening, I read an article in the Porter airlines in-flight magazine.

Each month the company features specific employees from different departments where the reader can gain access to an inside view of what it is like working for Porter airlines; oh I am so sorry I can’t remember your name now; I do remember what you said in the interview because it stuck with me and made such an impression I had to write about it. Why? Because it lifted my spirit.

Creativity, Imagination, process improvement, people engagement “ That’s what lifts my spirits when I’m working’
This is a very powerful statement.

As I read this, it brought to mind this question for me, how many people can actually say that going to work lifts their spirits?

I have been extremely fortunate always to do what I love, and I always tell people when you find something you love, it won’t feel like work anymore, but this statement truly says it all. I am always amazed and admire people that have created the job that they LOVE. When you operate from this state, people around you will be lifted too. Energy is contagious. So in a world where there is so much doom and gloom, we should all take a look at this and ask our selves daily whether we are in a job that we LOVE, or not found it yet and especially if you interact with people because the more peoples spirits are lifted, the better place the world will be.

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Energy is contagious. I just wrapped up a couple of days with a new client, and one thing he shared with me right before I left was how much better he felt and that my energy had a positive effect on him. He was sharing that this little spark of energy had lifted his spirit. This kind of energy can not be underestimated—especially in a world where many feel undervalued or overwhelmed.

If each of us could approach life with this mentality of lifting each other, imagine how much better we would all feel at the end of our day. Can you imagine the impact we would each have on the world? What lifts your spirits? And how do you have this filter? Here’s an idea.

Tomorrow morning, when you wake up and enter your bathroom. Take a look in the mirror and ask yourself these 2 powerful questions to focus on lifting your spirit.

  • How can I lift my spirit today?
  • How can I lift others’ spirits today?

This is probably one of the shortest BLOG posts I have written, but maybe one of the most powerful!


Live Purposely, Lead Positively,

April Sabral






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