Self-Directed Learning


There is a difference between training and development, training is functional and essential to do your job well. Development is future-focused and lifts leaders to that next level of performance through ongoing learning.

Investing in yourself is one of the BEST actions you can take right now, this is why we are making our courses more accessible than ever. Here’s how to buy one course or an annual membership and access all courses. If you are an individual that wants to up-level your leadership skills, or a company that is looking for a leadership program to succession plan your top talent, you are in the right place.

“People build brands, we build people” April Sabral – Founder retail

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How It Works

Choose between the annual membership or lifetime access to a specific course. Best value – Annual membership, get access to all retailu courses, even new ones when they launch and all French versions of each course. Set up your account when you buy the plan that is right for you. Keep your login info, we are a membership site just like Netflix.

Follow our top tips for self-directed learning:

  • Discuss your development plan with your leader (of if you are in between leaders, jump on our community page).
  • Identify which competencies you want to develop.
  • Select a course by competency with the dropdown on the courses page.
    Do you have a development plan? if so clearly document which competency and course you will be focused on. If not we have a template for this. CLICK HERE for a guide on how to write a development plan.
  • Watch one video per week, complete quiz and activity during your work shift. Videos are four minutes, activities are designed to complete on the job. Each course has between four to ten video lessons.
  • Print workbook – this is optional all workbooks are printable and open up on your tech.
  • Discuss your learnings and completed activities with your leader or a peer on a touch base.
  • Make notes and complete all activities in your workbook.
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