What are we teaching our Leaders of the Future?

April Sabral

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This is a great question…

As I am getting ready for my first official keynote presentation on June 25th ( link Below) , which is only about 4 weeks away I keep asking myself this question “what should I be speaking about?”

Anyone that knows me knows that I am really passionate about Leadership and everything that encompasses this vast topic, but somehow trying to distill it down into a 45 minute talk just feels like the impossible.

How do I take such a HUGE topic and over 25 years of experience and put it into only 40-50 minutes? This is the question I keep asking myself. So heres what I started to do, over the past week I have asked many people around me what is it that they have learned from me and would want others to know that could really motivate, inspire and grow the future generation of leaders.

As we all mature and look to the future decision makers, what would we want to pass along to our peers and business partners right now that could have a major impact and influence while we continue to build better leaders and decisions makers.

What I discovered during this process of asking questions is that their was many different lessons learned by many different leaders along the way, but somehow they all came back to this one thought, Leadership or lack of it will create and determine the success or not of any organization, team and individual. And the responsibility that we as Leaders carry can either be taken seriously, or not but either way as a leader you will create a lasting memory either in a positive way or not.

Along with this there are steps and processes that every growing leader of any business needs to demonstrate, and there are guiding rules that we have been taught that need to be re looked at and understood for a newer generation of leaders and why certain leaders and strategies yield strong results and some don’t. Why is it that some leaders have a line up of Talent that want to work for them and others don’t?

And in a day and age where everything is public, shared and discussed its even more critical now that certain strategies are used and implemented to influence and inspire others to deliver exceptional results.

With this in mind as I sit reflect and start the work towards what I will be sharing with this hungry and inspired group of people along with other exceptionally motivated speakers, I have an amazing formula that I think will shed light and simplify the many facets of leadership and what really matters…this came about as I had a conversation with a Leader that I really respect this past week, she said this to me …the best thing to do when looking at the health of your business is to ask people that work in it if they are truly inspired, Isn’t this the truth…Do you think about this when looking at your KPI’s? and wondering how to improve the overall results?

I will be sharing this with you on June 25th how to get stronger results and what to focus on, at this unique one of a kind intimate event.

Great things happen when Great minds get together, and with that I hope that you will join us on June 25th at the Gladstone Hotel on the west side of Toronto. To give you a sneak peak I will be sharing with you a formula that when used as a filter to every interaction, and decision will develop your own business and ensure you are always focused on what matters the most and what I have learned along the way as a Leader that has developed thousands of leaders across the world over 25 years in the retail industry.

Gabi who is the founder of NEXPO.CA is an amazing leader who is so motivated to bring people together to inspire, learn and grow together and I feel very fortunate to be participating in her first event ever in Toronto.

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This speaks to why all of this matters…I don’t know about you but I LOVE ted talks, and this is one of my favourite ones..enjoy!

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