The Art of Conflict Management

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This course is recommended for everyone who manages and works within a team.

Retail is full of diverse teams built up by people from all cultures, races, and countries; however, differences of opinions and understandings come with this. Let’s face it, dealing with conflict is not taught in school or at home.  In a world where every voice matters, teaching people how to share their perspectives and feelings in a secure way is essential to improving inclusivity. It helps build open communication throughout the organization.

No longer is it ok for companies to only teach leaders how to deal with conflict. If your employees do not feel heard, you must help them with this. Otherwise, you can fuel turnover without even realizing it.

For the individual thinking about taking this course, If you have a boss, you need to learn how to give feedback to them in a way that is not emotionally charged so that they can hear you. It is a myth that conflict occurs only when people disagree; dispute arises internally when we fear providing our perspective.

Once you have completed this course, you will be able to:

  • Deal with conflict purposefully and build your managerial courage.
  • Flex your style and manage conflict positively.
  • Use the WIN acronym and feel confident giving feedback to your boss.
  • Get ahead of conflict and defuse it before it happens.
  • Build stronger communication skills as a leader of a team.

This course includes three micro-video lessons, a coaching guide, and a conflict management assessment (quiz). This helps determine your natural conflict management style, along with a grid that shows you what conflict management style to use in which scenario. This course is a must for anyone who leads or works in a team. Now available in French and English.

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