Wellness Program, Learn to Meditate for Managers

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I’m Sarah Hauch. I have worked with people for almost 20 years, helping them to achieve their goals. My passion is working with people committed to a healing path and is ready to see real results. My job is to figure out what needs to be worked on and how to do it. Your job is to show up and do the work. Together we’ll make a great team, and you will see the changes you want to see. I respect anyone who has the strength to look within themselves and dig deep to make themselves better. I started my healing journey trying to heal from anorexia and anxiety and an abusive relationship. What I received from the Modern Mystery School helped me to change my life finally.
I am excited to partner with retailu to bring a wellness program to the retailu community.

This course is designed for anyone who wants more health and wellness.

You will get three video lessons and three Audio file meditations recorded by Sarah. Track your progress and challenges in your personal workbook. This will help you document your insights and share them as a team (if you choose to do this with a team). A change matrix model can be used daily to assess where you are with change.

Leaders that stay calm, and focus on the health of themselves and their employees can transform any business and culture into fabulous places to work.

Mindfulness and Meditation – learn the difference and why they are necessary to a healthy self.
Invest in yourself and your team!

This course is stand-alone and not included in the annual or monthly membership.

Included in this course, you will get:

  • 3 video lessons, and 3 meditation audio files, personally recorded by Sarah.
  • A workbook to track insights and plan your meditation challenge with your team.
  • Access to scheduled live calls to share and discuss how it’s going and get coaching as needed
  • Helpful tips for practicing mindfulness, for keeping you in the best frame of mind possible.
  • Live bonus interview – between April, founder of retailu, and Sarah, owner of Temple 23 and Author of this program.
  • A survey and pulse check on your wellness practice.

Learning to meditate changed my life – April

Individual Development

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The meditation program was really life changing. Little did I know that by meditating I could improve my entire body, from my stress to weight control and sleeping... Not only we were exposed to the numerous benefits of meditation but also through the meditation challenge we fostered a place of sharing and acceptance where we could - as a group - learn and apply guided meditation to our busy professional lives. The biggest take away has been to always give yourself some time - whatever time you have - just for you - to reconnect, reset and refocus. Thank you Sarah and RetailU for this amazing program - while dealing with stress and change during these unprecedented times, the guided meditation has been a very important step on the way I deal with the complexities of my job - breathe in, breathe out and relax.

- Victor Andrade, Service Experience Manager, Nordstrom Rack

I had the privilege of learning the Max Meditation Method led by Sarah and April in July. It was an enlightening and eye opening experience. I didn’t know how much I needed this training! I felt an almost immediate change in my ability to concentrate and manage stress, and with each day that passed throughout our challenge, I found myself looking forward to setting aside time just for me. I loved that the challenge allowed for a connection with fellow participants in the community, and the accessibility of the program worked well with my schedule. As a leader of people, I had to remember to nurture and care for myself in order to be effective in my service to others; the meditation challenge hosted by RetailU is a great step in a self care practice, deepening the connection to self, which in turn deepens the connections to others.

- Katherine Barthel, Senior District Manager, Levi's

I signed up for the Meditation Challenge to learn more about the practice and bring some mindfulness to my life. I liked the idea of building skills and awareness, and gradually increasing my meditation practice. What I didn’t expect was to do so with such a supportive and encouraging community. The Marco Polo app made it easy for April, Sarah and the rest of the participant to provide words of guidance, encouragement and support. And group meditation helped me to hold myself accountable to keeping my word when life got in the way and I felt too busy to take 20 minutes for myself. Looking forward to joining again!

- Erika Reid, Chief People Officer, Group M

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