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🌟 Unlock Your Path to District Management Excellence for Just $49(REG $199) 🌟 LIMITED TIME OFFER

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🌟 Unlock Your Path to District Management Excellence for Just $49(REG $199) 🌟

Everything you need to know about managing multiple sites and leading from afar. This is the only online OnDemand district manager training program.

Most managers do not make it to multi-site management because there is a lack of training for this level in the retail ecosystem. You are lucky to work for someone who develops your skills by giving stretch assignments and delegating specific tasks to prepare you for a District Manager position.

However, even when this happens, it’s a huge learning curve and one that can be lessened with the proper training.

This program is a complete training program for managers who want to become field leaders and those who are already in the role and are looking to improve their skills.

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to have purposeful store visits
  • How to craft a clear email message to your teams
  • How to be an inspiring leader
  • How to hold engaging conference calls
  • How to make the most of your admin time
  • How to hold meaningful touch bases
  • How to positively collaborate with your HO partners
  • How to make timely decisions, especially when it comes to talent

With over 1 hour of Audio, Video, and a Coaching Guide to accompany the course. You will learn what high-performing District Managers do on the job and tips to develop your own skills.

Now available in French and English.

Individual Development

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I am finding that it is a very good refresher for those of us that have been in the industry for years, as well as a great for teaching us new skills that work in the more modern retail age. It is filled with wonderful tips and tricks very informative, while being easy to digest and understand. For someone new to the role or a manager in training for a future position, these lessons are invaluable. It is a very clear and helpful training tool. I wish I had a resource like this when I began my career as District Manager. The videos are clear, concise and debunk some theories of how we think we should handle a situation as well as give excellent tips on time management and executing effective and efficient store visits. DM MTL

- Diane Raymond, District Manager, MTL

retailu courses have been very informative and beneficial to help keep me focused and prepared during store visits. The tips are great for helping me be a better communicator with our colleagues in head office and within the stores. Also helping me be more present and aware in stores by making admin time rather than checking emails constantly throughout a visit”.

- Kaleigh Tower, District Manager, MB

retailu is a great tool that delivers important information without taking lots of time to complete. All our management could definitely benefit from the lessons on here. I have been able to identify quite a few areas for improvement in myself just from this recourse making me more aware of how I approach certain situations. LOVE IT

- Claudie Turcotte, District Manager, QC

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