While not entirely filled with new concepts every time I complete a different module in this course, I feel empowered to be a more authentic leader. I remember I have the tools already I just need to activate them at the right moments. The sections are well crafted and inject valuable information at a manageable pace. Over the past 7 years I’ve worked in retail I’ve consumed a lot of training material in various forms (books, courses, podcasts, company-specific training, etc.) but I find myself recalling topics from this course when I am in the role. Coaching is largely about overcoming obstacles to drive performance and is hardly an easy task. This is a challenge I feel well prepared for after adding this course to my knowledge bank.


“The reason why we selected retailu is that it can be adapted to our audience of district managers. The short videos and content speak to store employees. This program generated new ideas. Also, the benefit of having the District Supervisors review the same content created consistency in our stores across the country and is creating synergy within the teams. Even though online leadership courses have not solved all of our training problems, it has helped us get going in the right direction”

Martine La,oureux

Head of Talent and Culture, Ardene

If you are looking for a very user-friendly on-line platform for development training in your company Retailu should be your go to. Brand Momentum, has been using Retailu for the last couple of years for on-line development training for our people managers. The content is bite-sized, easily digestible, very practical.  I am also using the training guides that Retailu has provided to me to have monthly discussion calls on each of the modules. This training guides are very helpful in leading these discussion calls, overall, our people managers are very happy with this platform”

Cherisse Corradetti

Office & Employee Relations Manager, Brand Momentum

“I purchased and use your workbook and cards for my own personal development. I have also used quotes from your first book for weekly motivation and inspiration. We have a second program, Regional Training Stores (RTS), they are certified to host all new store managers for their 4-week on boarding, that I send weekly tips to from The Positive Effect Resources.

As for the retailU programs we have seen 19 graduates and of these 10 of them have been promoted, only one person left the company and 2 are in special assignments as acting store managers. The way we use retailu is to incorporate it into a 6 month program, that includes monthly coaching circles; where each manager shares feedback and how they applied their new leadership skills. RetailU has always received great feedback. The leaders love the short courses, completing the workbook and then applying to “real” daily opportunities, not only at work”

Bridget Deitz

Senior Manager of Talent Development, DAVIDS BRIDAL

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Our students love retailu.