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This course is for anyone that wants to develop a stronger LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the best professional networks. Did you know it has 313 Million people worldwide using it as a networking tool?  Retailers have their company pages and post jobs as well as other news articles. Many company pages have a list of employees connected to them. LinkedIn groups are another way to use social networking as well as learn valuable information to develop yourself.

Once you have completed this course you will know how to:

  • Complete a professional LinkedIn profile, not just the basics.
  • Use groups and hashtags to help you network and search for resources.
  • Learn how to recruit people when you have an opening.
  • Understand the value of posting relevant content and building a LinkedIn following.

And much more!

About the Author; Calvin is a Career advisor at George Brown College in Toronto, he has a history within the retail and hospitality industry. Calvin has facilitated and trained hundreds of managers during his time as a field trainer. Calvin and I met over twenty years ago while working in Starbucks London, UK. We opened a flagship location in central London together and hosted our first press conference for the founder of Starbucks Howard Shultz. I love this course because I am a huge LinkedIn fan, I have met amazing retail leaders all over the world through this platform and share my thoughts and blog weekly. When I meet someone I don’t give my business card anymore, I ask them to connect with me on LinkedIn. When they don’t have a LinkedIn profile I want to tell them to get one ASAP because they don’t know what they are missing. I have had mentorship relationships found through LinkedIn where  I have been mentored and mentored others.

I am so happy to showcase Calvin’s course on retailu as he is an amazing teacher and mentor and a master at LinkedIn networking. (Unknown fact – He is also the voice behind many retailu courses)

Learn more about this course from Calvin in this short video intro.


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