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Everything you need to know about protecting your assets

Welcome to People and Asset Protection. My name is Dean Correia and I am an independent security consultant. My background includes 20+ years in security and operations with GAP, Starbucks, and Walmart. The content for the workshop is based on personal experience as well as industry-proven practices.

After completing the workshop and the accompanying Guide Book, participants will be able to:

  • Understand how to enhance the protection of people and assets.
  • Know how to minimize their exposure to violence and how to handle a situation such as a robbery when it occurs.
  • Understand retail/restaurant shrink, its impact at the store level, and how to optimize your business’ profits.

People are every organization’s most important, irreplaceable asset, make no mistake about it.
Also, we believe that you will learn some tips that may help you personally as well. Enjoy and have fun!

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Course Author:
Dean Correia is the founder of Correia Security Resources, a Canadian company that specializes in customized security training workshops and services. Dean has had a career in operations and loss prevention in Canada spanning more than 20 years, holding senior leadership roles with global brands GAP, Starbucks Coffee, and Walmart.

Dean is a Certified Protection Professional and Licensed Private Investigator whose other certifications include Handwriting Content Analysis, Interview/Interrogation, and Executive Protection. An experienced workshop facilitator and passionate public speaker globally, Dean is an Emeritus Faculty member of the Security Executive Council, the leading strategy, insight and resource provider for risk mitigation decision makers founded in 2005 and a Senior Consultant with Learning Dynamics, whose mission is to create customized training programs in order to help organizations meet their objectives more effectively. Some of Dean’s career highlights include successfully leading Walmart Canada’s security event planning for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and the G8/G20 summit. Dean spearheaded the creation of Business Continuity and Crisis Management plans for Walmart Canada and Walmart Canada Bank. At both Walmart Canada and Starbucks Coffee, he played a key role in the creation, development, and implementation of auditing and investigative programs that delivered millions of dollars to the bottom line.

Dean is also a contributing editor of “The Business Continuity Essentials Playbook”. The Playbook defines business continuity planning as a practice that identifies an organization’s exposure to various risks while bringing together various resources in order to provide effective assessment, preparedness, response, and recovery from these risks negatively impacting the organization. This playbook is meant to serve as a framework to help security leaders build a business continuity program from the ground up or enhance the program that is currently in existence. The materials have been compiled using various accredited sources, international standards, and the collective knowledge of the Security Executive Council and its subject matter experts, which represents decades of experience managing business continuity programs.


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