Why work retail? Because you make a difference every day!

April Sabral

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Most people go through life just getting up everyday not knowing what they want to do and where they want to go but they do know they dont want to stay where they are currently. Some end up getting a retail job thinking its a time filler until they start their real career. However one of the things that people overlook is how rewarding working retail can be. For the Manager, one of the best parts of working in retail is that you get to help many people starting in their first job. And even though this may not have been their first career choice just as it most likely was not yours, you can have a profound effect on your part time employees.

Retail is loved by people that love to help people. So when you get up today, remember that what you do matters and how you treat your employees has a direct effect on how they treat your customers. As a retail manager, your role is to help them discover their passion. You are also there to guide, coach and mentor your new members into their new world. Summer is coming and lots of students will enter the workforce for the first time hoping to gain some insightful experience and earn some money for the weekends.

When hiring these newbies it is up to YOU to make a lasting impression and show them WHY retail is so GREAT.

You can build confidence and skills in people that far transcend just their part time retail job. I have worked with so many people and what makes me happy is when they say …I learned something today.

Here are some great questions to ask yourself and your new team members to ensure their summer experience in retail is a lasting one.

Whats the one thing you do well and can bring to our team and the WORLD!

Whats the one thing right now that only you can do? If they dont know it yet then help them find it.

So what can you expect to learn from a part time retail job?

Excellence comes from consistency. This is a great lesson learned in retail, and one that will carry through your life far beyond the summer job. How can you teach this valuable lesson? Think of the operations in your store and what must be completed everyday. Delegate some responsibility to your employees so that they can participate in learning this critical skill.

Watch your words (communication) they are poison or fruit words really matter.

Helping customers by providing the best customer service and understanding what each customer needs. It helps us be better humans and in the end showing this to your new team members will teach them a life skill that will greatly benefit them in the long run.

Responsibility. You can have reasons or results but you cant have both. This is so important in life. In a retail store where everyone has to pull their weight, and deliver results through team work you will learn this valuable character trait.

But somehow everyone has excuses as to why things happen the way they do. So how do you change reasons to results?

Help your team make a 1% change a week for 50 weeks. You will have encouraged them to make a 50% improvement in a year. WOW what an impact you will have had on them. Or if they are just with you for the summer then focus on the time you are working together.

Believe in your people? If you find this difficult for what ever reason, remember to turn your reasons into results starts with you believing in your people.

So ask yourself, what do you believe about the people around you? And dont forget that YOU make a difference in someones life everyday, so own this responsibility.

You never know who may stay on after the summer and choose retail because of YOU

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