Persistence with a sprinkle of belief, why this matters.

April Sabral

/ Mindset

When I think about successful people’s attributes, there are quite a few that come to mind. We tend to watch ted talks, read books and listen to motivational speakers to inspire us to be better individuals. However, if we look around us at the many different people in our lives, we can learn from others without searching too far.

Leaders in life do not need to have a fancy title or even a Harvard degree; leaders in life are people that stand out, take a risk, believe in themselves and then have the persistence gene to keep trying. My family is an excellent example of this.
Persistence is something that all of us have naturally, and I believe when persistence is mixed with a belief, it becomes a powerful cosmic force to be reckoned with.
Read any significant successful person’s story; they will tell you that it was their belief in what they could envision, but even more importantly, it was the persistence in that belief that got them there in the end.

Persistent people are those of us that don’t give up. How do you grow this critical gene?
Ask yourself this…
What is one thing I would love to achieve in my life? Please write it down.
Now ask yourself this…
How many times have I tried to achieve this but failed?
What would happen if I tried six or more times to achieve this?
What does this look like? And am I ok with failing and trying again?

You see, when you push yourself beyond your norm and being persistent becomes a habit, you can truly achieve what you believe in.
One person I know that has these two genes and practices them is my twin sister. She had continued to create and develop herself into one of the best crime writers ever. How? Through persistence. When I think back to when we were younger, her dream was always to be a writer. After years of travelling and working in the Journalist field for international newsrooms, she has finally published a book.

A leader in their field can navigate the hard times, overcome challenges of fear and doubt and keep pushing forwards towards their dreams over twenty-five years later. Whether you are in retail, operations, sales, or even a writer having a vision, chasing it with a passion will ultimately get the results more than any knowledge skill and certificate. How do I know this? I have seen this in my own life but also in my sisters.

The latest project that she is applying these two core leadership competencies to is “The Wrong Car.” If you want to learn more…check out the site.

Persistence is something that anyone can develop over time.
Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Set a goal. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish as well as WHY you want to achieve it?

2. Break the goal down into smaller pieces. If you break it down into mini ones, it gets you started and will keep you motivated.

3. Devote a set time every day to accomplishing it. It might start with five minutes and then get longer with time. The main thing is to take action, even if it’s small, daily.

4. Put a picture on the wall of that house you’re saving for. Place a reminder in a prominent place.

5. Connect what you are doing to your goal. For example, my sister has a crowdfunding setup that directly connects to the purpose of making her movie. YES! Following these steps is essential.

Want to learn more about my sister’s film, or just curious that I have a twin? Check it out here; her persistence is helping her make a short film. What are your goals? and what would you do to achieve them?

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