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Every day, It dawned on me as I was reading a relationship book this weekend and studying the art of strong communication, if every successful marriage or relationship is based on positive memories, always looking at the bright side and giving each other the benefit of the doubt then it only makes sense that every leader has the same responsibility towards their organizations culture by continuously assuming positive intent with their people. At the end of the day, people either at work or in a relationship thrive on positive energy. It creates a momentum and a feeling that reaches the very depth of who they are. It also creates a safe place to learn. By providing this environment people become more willing to try new things.

There are easy ways to create positive culture and it starts with you the leader. Start by making a list of things that keep you positive and in a good mindset, for me it is taking a morning walk on the beach, reading my favourite book, and emerging myself in positive quotes and Yoga all before 9am.

Its difficult to lead by example when you are not taking the time to practice what you preach.

We all have things we worry about or spend our time concerned with, however we can control how much time our mind is spent on these. When you learn to control your mind and put it to good use, your team, customers and family will be influenced in a positive way.

Effective leaders believe in what can be done, they turn impossible into possible by holding a positive outlook and vision for the future.

Remember to let go of the things you cannot control, and put your focus on the possibility of something new. Your own ability to feel positive and demonstrate this will impact the culture around you and ultimately build positive momentum or not. Let go of the small things that bother you and focus on the big things that make a difference.

Here at retailU we try and remember this when it gets hectic and busy, we try and take time out and connect to find out how everyone is. We allow time to brainstorm and try new ideas. We also check each other if we are not acting or demonstrating being positive. The points below might help you think about your team culture. Are you demonstrating these on a consistent basis?

9 points for leaders to remember when considering HOW to create a positive culture.

  • Energy is contagious remember this when you are feeling low, get yourself back to being a positive force. Take time in the middle of your day to read something that is up lifting.
  • Positive attracts more positive, like a magnet what you embody will become your reality.
  • Positive creates productivity, people work harder when they are happy it is a fact.
  • Be detached from the outcome this is so important, it allows your team to try new ways of accomplishing their goals and empowers people.
  • Associate with positive people, we know like we said like attracts like, so surround yourself with positive people. Who is in your inner circle? Who would you place at your dinner table? This is super important because our minds are so easily influenced.
  • Know what makes you feel good and do it often. Be a little selfish and do what makes you happy. Most leaders spend their time caring about others, as a leader itÃs important to put yourself first sometimes and replenish your soul.
  • Saturday “ Sleep, Sunday “ Start this means take Saturday as a rest day, and take Sunday as your start day. End and start your week in the right way and it will set you up for a positive feeling about yourself.
  • Feedback 5 positive for every opportunity, this keeps us looking for the positive.
  • Have strong belief in people this encourages them to persevere against all odds.

Ultimately if you want a highly productive team of people that want to work with you, above anything else create a positive culture, this will in turn change the way your organization operates and performs.

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