Have you ever lacked confidence because of your job?

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Have you ever lacked confidence because of your job? Coaching is critical to the well being of every human on the planet.

Whether you are someone who requires support with weight loss, developing leadership skills or learning how to build stronger relationships, coaching can and does support you to achieve the changes necessary to achieve your goals. It also helps with workplace stress and can promote a healthier mental attitude. I think most people who I have worked with would consider me to be a great coach. However, I decided to take another coaching certificate this year and get my WABC through a fantastic organization called SHIFT. You see no matter how long I have been coaching, I still lack confidence, however, what I discovered through this process was more than I had initially anticipated. I learned that the power to shift our perspective is not always an easy task, and the investment in a Coach should supersede that of a new handbag and shoes!

Our lives are controlled by the paradigms we createThese paradigms come from our parents, our relationships and life experiences. Also, our work and our boss has a HUGE impact on our well being, confidence and belief in what we are doing. If we feel valued and appreciated, it goes along way. When we don’t, it can leave us feeling empty, questioning ourselves and lack confidence. More and more young people are going on stress leave, and mental illness has surfaced more and more in the past couple of years.

If you are in a situation where you are questioning your abilities and lacked confidence, it could be time to get a coach. I never invested in a coach throughout my career but having a mentor coach through the certification process was quite eye-opening for me.

My coach helped me think through what I needed help with and helped me identify specific short term goals that could help me move forward. I also have to show up the next week and discuss how I am moving towards them. 

As an overachiever, I never want to show up and not deliver a report that states I achieved my goals.

What coaching does is help us shift our perspective so that we can change the paradigms that keep us stuck. Coaches ask powerful questions, and sometimes one question can change everything. John C. Maxwell always says’s, “You only get answers to the questions you ask.”

Coaches are trained to ask powerful thought-provoking questions.  A few questions my coach would ask me, which now I ask myself are:

  • What am I learning about myself in this situation?
  • How can I see this as a lesson to teach?
  • What would I like the situation to be? Envision it and write down five things that are the ideal.
  • What are my goals in the next 14 days?
  • How do I feel about this situation? And what can I do to change how I see it?
  • How can I be grateful for what I am learning about myself?
  • What is another way of looking at it?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how important is this to you?
  • What’s my value in this situation?

A subtle shift is all it takes, along with some committed actions. A good coach ignites this. As coaches, we are focused on helping you find all the answers, which by the way are within you and aiding you to take actions that can move you out of being stuck.

One of the best books I have read throughout my program is “Change your Questions, Change your Life.”

This book gives you the tools to ask yourself questions and change your perspective and we can all do that. This book will help you build the confidence you lack by asking yourself deeper questions than you ever have.

So if you are reading this and are thinking, “I wish I could do X”, or “How can I change my career to X”, or “I would like to get that promotion”, or simply “I am not sure if my skills and abilities match that of the organization “GET YOURSELF a COACH” Do you lack confidence in your job, due to your boss, your peers, and are questioning what you are doing? GET YOURSELF a COACH! You may lack confidence, in your job, your relationships and other areas in your life.

You may think you cannot afford a coach, you can. stop buying those shoes, that latte and invest in you…You will never regret it! Ask yourself, “what’s one thing I can do this week to move me towards my goal and vision?”. If you don’t have a purpose or vision for your life, then how about asking yourself what you can do to set one.

Make your day the best and be CONFIDENT…we all have a gift even when you doubt yourself, your gift is still there.





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