10 Tips to improve your Interpersonal Savvy

April Sabral

/ Mindset

Why is interpersonal Savvy so important? And what is it?

Interpersonal Savvy is one of the most sought after communication skills in Leadership, it is the ability to intuitively understand and communicate to many different individuals.

Do you ever work with people that just seem to say the right thing at the right time? And it seems effortless to them, people are always drawn to them they are promoted and given more responsibility and you wonder why it can’t be you?

Maybe they are extremely skilled at this competency and that is why. Interpersonal Savvy is one of those skills that can be learned it might be harder than others but there are ways of demonstrating it purposefully. If it’s not a natural way of interacting with others for you then you will need to really pay attention and work on it because the higher you go up the chain in terms of leading the more important this skills becomes.

If you have heard of the Book FYI from Lominger International then you will be familiar with this competency.

I love this book because it is a “HOW TO” for developing over 160 competencies to improve your self. Wether you are a leader or just someone that wants more influence in their own life this skill if developed can influence people and situations to benefit you and them.

In the FYI book, it lists out what skilled and unskilled are..the top skilled is “Relates well to ALL kinds of people, up down inside and outside the organization” WOW can you imagine how much influence you could have if you could do this every day in every situation?

What they share in this brilliant book is the key to getting along with all kinds of people is to hold back or neutralize your personal reactions and focus on others first. It’s being able to work from the outside in, this can be very challenging for many of us that have strong feelings when it comes to certain issues.

But the key to this is having a range of interpersonal skills and knowing when to use them on whom.

This quick 5 minute video will provide 10 Top Tips to anyone that wants to develop this further, but to really dig into this I would suggest buying the FYI book and completing some of the activities in “The Map” section and remedies.

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