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Welcome to Cannabis Fundamentals for Cannabis Retailers the first Cannabis Course retailu.  There are slight differences between the US and CA, that’s why we built one for each country.

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Why did we build a Cannabis Course? Because we recognize that the Cannabis Retail Industry needs high-quality retail training. And as experienced retailers, we want to support the development of this growing retail sector.

In this course you will learn;

  • A brief history of cannabis through the ages.
  • Some of the risks associated with cannabis use.
  • Your general responsibilities in selling cannabis.
  • Explain the basic function of the endocannabinoid system.
  • Describe the two major cannabinoids in cannabis.
  • Understand your role in sharing this knowledge with customers.
  • What are terpenes?
  • The different classifications of cannabis plants. What do these mean in terms of effects?
  • The difference between a classification and a strain.
  • The different parts of the plant and how to spot superior quality in cannabis flower.
  • The categories of cannabis extracts and how they are made.
  • The three major ways that cannabis is introduced to our systems.
  • The major categories of cannabis accessories.

Retailu online learning breaks down complex subjects into bite-sized on-demand modules so that your team can absorb the knowledge required to sell Cannabis safely. Unfortunately, most Cannabis courses are lengthy, complicated, and full of PDF documents that are just hard to retain.

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